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Lead-zinc ore formation - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

Nov 22, BlogFeatured The European Commission has estimated there are approximately 50 million single dating i ore in Europe where dating i ore occupant is aged between 18 and There is actually, believe it or not, the same number of users on the dating service Tinder, although worldwide.

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Tinder has, to date, identified 20 billion potential matches. This translates to matches per user.

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Note that these are matches, not dates that would be one too many for most people…. How many of the identified matches eventually end up in real meetings is of course difficult to say, but probably only a select few. What Tinder does is what so many other digital players are undertaking nowadays, they broker the connection between supply and demand without owning the assets that are brokered.

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Let us switch industries. There are, also according to the European Commission, roughly Single person households, in other words.

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A haulage company owns vehicles that perform services to shippers. The higher the utilisation of the vehicle, the higher the coverage of the fixed costs.

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Our world is marked by imbalances. Wheat is harvested in the countryside whereas bread is consumed dating i ore cities.

Ore is extracted from mines and the processed metal is moulded into cars on the production line in distant factories. There is a lack of handling capability for containers in most singlar i fornåsa which leads to the need for terminals.

Lead-zinc ore formation - Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

There are uncertainties in the stability of the traffic system, service hours, business processes differ between industries etc. It is not uncommon that these imbalances are handled using the transportation system. It is possible to come close, but very difficult. Enter the matchmakers.

Один кошмар сменялся другим. Вздрогнув, она просыпалась, потом задремывала. В последнем кошмаре Николь шла на какой-то остров вместе со своими детьми. К берегу приближалась огромная приливная волна. Николь была в отчаянии - ведь дети разбрелись по острову.

Anna owns a trailer truck. She is hauling a trailer from Helsingborg southern Sweden, lovely place to Madrid in Spain. Today, it is possible for her to find a back haul shortly before the unloading in Madrid.

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The existing services somehow manage to convey enough trust between the large, global giant that needs to ship a trailer from Madrid to Hamburg and the owner-driver Anna from Sweden. They have probably never conducted business together before and will probably never do so again. It can be described as a date.

In other words: Tinder for freight transport.

Our Research Lead-zinc ore formation Isotope dating of ore-related episodes leading to the formation of major Pb-Zn deposits in the Swedish part of the Caledonides The Nadok ore body at Laisvall is particularly rich in sphalerite ZnS. Rounded quartz grains of different sizes are cemented by sphalerite yellowish. Scale bar is 2mm Summary A number of sandstone-hosted Pb-Zn impregnation ores occur along the Caledonian margin, and among these the largest and most well-studied is the Laisvall deposit, located about 35 km NW of Arjeplog. A common origin of these ores is anticipated, however, the genetic aspects are still not fully understood. The timing of ore mineral deposition is crucial in any ore modelling, and the current project aims to further constrain the age of ore-forming processes by dating sphalerite using the Rb-Sr method which is one of the major ore components.

But Tinder has, as we all know, some flaws. The simple and scalable utility is, as previously stated, the matchmaking.

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Kvinna söker man resarö date takes place without the involvement of Tinder, and it is here that the analogy with the freight transport industry can be challenged. The mighty challenge stands exactly here. Then imagine what happens when haulage companies become avid serial daters. This is an obvious development, by the way — if the friction and transaction cost for finding and accepting marginal assignments are lowered, haulage firms will increase their volume in this area.

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To address this and other challenges, governments on both national and EU levels are spending large sums on projects and initiatives where authorities, industry, academic institutions etc.

Chalmers University of Technology is one of the core partners.

The project is enabling a multitude of supply chain actors to safely, reliably, and securely share crucial operational data. We have, during the last two years, built 12 living labs in Europe where we now are stress testing a multitude of solutions and use cases.

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As an academic institution and partner, our role in the project is to support the industrial members in their decision-making and to ensure that the solutions developed are based on knowledge and facts.

Author: Dr. He holds a PhD in logistics from Chalmers University of Technology where he now is a researcher and has also worked as a developer building sustainability tracking systems for the freight industry.

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Apart from his research he is a podcaster. His podcast Logistikpodden, in Swedish is the largest logistics podcast in Sweden. He will launch his first international podcast, Logistics Rocks, during He loves the 21st century.

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