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What you can see and do in My page Events By clicking on the application that is awaiting a decision you can see when certain events in your case took place. For instance, you can see when your application was registered and when we have requested more information.

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Regis­tered appli­ca­tion You may have to wait a few days after you have applied before you can see that your application is registered. However, the date of registration is the same day as the date on which your application was received by the Swedish Migration Agency or the Embassy, regardless of whether you applied online or through a paper application. Request for addi­tional infor­ma­tion If we have contacted you because we need further information, you can see the date when we requested the information from you.

You can also see when we have received the submitted information.

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Deci­sion You can see whether we have made a decision in your case, but for security reasons we will not show what the decision is.

We saxtorpsskogen dejtingsajt send information on the decision to your home.

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Messages This function is currently only available to you if you have applied for Swedish citizenship, a work permit, residence status, asylum or resi­dence permit under the tempo­rary law. You can send secure messages to the Swedish Migration Agency and ask questions about your case.

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Since you are logged in, the Swedish Migration Agency knows who you are and can give you personal service. The entire conversation is saved in My page and you can read your earlier questions and answers. You can also choose to receive a notification to your email address when the Swedish Migration Agency has responded to a message.

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You must yourself activate notifications under the menu choice Profile in My page. Contact infor­ma­tion You can see the contact information that you submitted in your latest application.

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Contact the Swedish Migration Agency if any information is not correct. If possible, please contact us by sending a sending a secure message through My page.

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You can change your email-adress in My page. Note that, if you are registered in the Swedish Population Register, your name and address can only be changed by the Swedish Tax Agency.

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Read about registration with the Swedish Tax Agency Documents You can check to ensure that the number of documents frändefors dating sweden the same as the number you submitted, but you cannot see the documents themselves. Please note that you can only see the documents that you submitted with your latest application, or documents that you submitted when the Migration Agency asked you for more information.

If you have had several cases with the Migration Agency, documents from previous cases are not visible.

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Remember that, even if a document has been registered as a particular document, frändefors dating sweden does not mean that the document has been approved by the case officer. Statistics The statistics show how many applications are waiting for a decision in the same decision category, but you cannot see when your application will be processed.

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You can also see how many decisions the Swedish Migration Agency has made over the last 12 months in the same type of case as yours. About the case Here is some further information about your case.

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Your case number is linked to you as a person. When you contact us by phone, this is often what the case officer asks for. The confirmation number is the number of your application.

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