Gamla stan dating sweden

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Last updated April 24, With a late afternoon departure from Stockholm, I had the morning free to explore the city.

Search Explore the sights of Sweden´s historic Gamla Stan Stockholm, the vibrant capital of Scandinavia is a picturesque city that is jam-packed with culture, history and charm. A visit to the city would not be complete without spending some time in Gamla Stan, or the Old Town, where Stockholm was founded and famous for being one of the most well preserved medieval centers in Europe. Stortorget is surrounded by beautiful architecture, charming colorful aristocratic houses and is the location of the Stockholm Stock Exchange building and Well. This historical square attracts tens of thousands of visitors locally and from around the world every year and is a great spot to people watch.

Note: this post is part of a longer series about my trip to Brussels and Stockholm last November. Click here for the introductory post and trip report index.

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I stayed at the Hilton Stockholm Slussen ; from there, a very easy walk over the bridge brings you to the edge of Gamla Stan. And of course, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the neighborhood along the way.

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I began this walking tour aroundand wanted to head to the airport around noon. After allotting about half an hour to shop for trinkets, and a little time to eat, that gave me about an hour and a half to look around.

More on that later.

A Morning Exploring Stockholm’s Gamla Stan

This quiet side of the Gamla Stan showcases the oranges, browns, and yellows of the historic quarter. On an otherwise grey day, the architecture adds a welcome splash of color.

gamla stan dating sweden

Anyway, you might have gamla stan dating sweden two church spires dominating the Gamla Stan skyline. A rebuilding project, though, gradually transformed it into the Gothic Revival church you see today in the s.

Fil:Gamla Stan, Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden - panoramio ().jpg – Wikipedia

The enormous foot tall spire, though, came later, added in Nicholas School. Nicholas School is the oldest parochial school in Sweden, reportedly dating to the late 13th century.

Gamla Stan is in a sense the primordial cell of Stockholm, from where the city grew. Today, Gamla Stan connects the northern district of Norrmalm with the southern district of Södermalm to which Gamla Stan belongs administratively. Become a partner. Shopping in Gamla Stan Many tourists visit Gamla Stan in the summer, which is why many souvenir shops can be found in the narrow alleys. But, apart from Swedish flags, plush moose, trolls and Stockholm t-shirts, you can also find genuine Swedish handicrafts: art glass, porcelain, paintings, drawings, tablecloths and fashion.

The statue, by Swedish artist Ivar Viktor Jonsson, was added in This market square dates way back; many historical accounts refer to it as a meeting place in Medieval Stockholm. It instead houses an institution of worldwide significance — the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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Such is the benefit of visiting popular spots in the off-season. The Stortorget is also famous for its Christmas markets.

gamla stan dating sweden

Unfortunately, it looks like I showed up a little too early to see them. It dried up inbut remains a ceremonial piece today.

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Recently, in fact, the city connected the well to the city water supply. The 82 white stones on Number 20 the red building supposedly symbolize the number of heads decapitated by the Danish king in Nice guy.

gamla stan dating sweden

Anyway, on the day of my visit, a tarp covered up both buildings due to an ongoing renovation. Given its proximity to the Swedish royal palace, it often sees use in royal functions.

Explore the sights of Sweden´s historic Gamla Stan

I wrapped up my walking tour gamla stan dating sweden a walk past the Swedish Royal Palace. The current palace dates to the early 17th century, when it replaced the old palace, Tre Kronor, destroyed earlier by a fire. This particular section is the Treasury and Armoury Museums; I really wished I had more time to pay these a visit.

Both look pretty spectacular.

gamla stan dating sweden

Some Traditional Swedish Fare By now, it was already approaching 11, so I went in search of food before heading back to the hotel. But I had a pretty good meal of Swedish meatballs naturally and mulled wine.

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Basically like a spiked cider. But at least I got some genuine Swedish meatballs, and it allowed me to get rid of the rest of my cash… On the way back to the hotel, I stopped for a couple more pictures. Complete with a Texas license plate and Pegasus sticker, the old Mobil Oil mascot and unofficial symbol of Dallas.

gamla stan dating sweden

And as I mentioned earlier, moving just one street in any direction meant I had the area pretty much all to myself. Next time, though, I definitely want a full day to check out the museums, especially the Royal Palace.

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