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Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR - Hans-Olof Nilsson's Off-The-Grid Hydrogen House near Goteborg, Sweden

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Arno who was posting this from Goteborg. The square meters photovoltaic Panels can produce 20 kWp electrical power and the square meter thermal panels, can heat 13 kW of thermal power On the facade, vertical PV elements 0.

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Even on a cloudy day; as it was on my visit December 1,the house can produce enough electricity to be fully grid independent. Storage is first in Batteries and secondly in Hydrogen via Electrolyzing the hydrogen is than stored and later used to make electricity in the Fuel Cell System again The house has a floor space of square meters in total All units and appliances in the house are more or less interconnected, by wire or tubes or both — totaling 15 kilometers of tubing and kilometers of electrical wiring.

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All switches main plugs in the house go to central switchboards one of the total seven in the house The more than square meter Photovoltaic Panels on the roof and walls produce over 20 kWp electrical power. When the batteries are fully charged, the excess electricity goes into the electrolyser, to make hydrogen for the long-time storage. The best content in this massage is, that all of the house was designed, constructed and all equipment, piping, and wiring were defined and installed by a single, private person, Hans-Olof Nilsson.

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But to operate a completely Off-the-Grid house, as Hans Olof Nilsson does it so successfully, these values of nature have of course to be taken into consideration. Then, it is "just" a question of the dimensions of the size of the PV Panels.

MEDALJ, 18 k guld, S:t Olof. | Barnebys

But to operate a completely OFF-the-Grid house, as Hans Olof Single i s: t olof does it so successfully, these given irradiation-values of nature have of course to be taken into consideration. Eventually it is "just" a question of the dimensions of the size and the careful location of the PV Panels.

That must not only be PV, but can also be geothermal energy, storage in heated water as Hans-Olof did it as well, wind energy, running and pumped water and so on. In using this, we can get rid of the conversion and distribution losses, of the pollution and achieve ZERO operation cost easily.

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